Women Let their Menstruation Flag Fly in New Ads

Umm, it’s okay to talk about menstruation now. In fact, it’s hip and awesome.

Recently, two longform ad spots that have focused on menstruation have gone viral….not that viral…you know what I mean. The tampon subscription service HelloFlo is getting lots of love for its hilarious longform “Camp Gyno” spot, and Bodyform completely destroys male squeamishness in its ad responding to a sarcastic Facebook post.

In “Camp Gyno”, a girl at summer camp who is the first to get her period becomes a Queen Bee of menstruation…that is, until someone discovers HelloFlo’s subscription service, and her reign of terror ends. (There is something so terribly funny about watching a pre-teen girl terrorize other girls with menstruation tips.)

Meanwhile, Bodyform absolutely kills it with a response to a sarcastic Facebook post. The post, by a male who apparently never wants to get laid again, whines that Bodyform deceived him all this time with its ads in saying that menstruation was fun and refreshing. A cold and intense Bodyform CEO gives a chilling “you know the truth, now we’ll have to kill you” response, which must make the original poster feel about two inches small. (Go with that metaphor where your mind takes you.)

We’ve come a long way since those awkward 80’s douche commercials featuring seaside talks between mothers and daughters. Back then, finding a male willing to talk about menstruation was such a rarity that it made great comedy. Now, males have got to accept that women’s bodies do things…intense things.

That, and they should apparently get used to being targeted by body-grooming products of their own, now, too.


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