TV Viewers Get a Taste of Craft Brew Ads

TV Viewers get to taste some new craft brew ads these days as the breweries are serving up some cool new ads.

Craft Brewers Kona and New Belgium are fired up to take on the big dogs as they experiment with TV ads in a top heavy industry.

Smaller craft beer brands have been rising in popularity due to their variety of rich flavors, compared to the watered down name brands typically stereotyped to be bought by college frat bros. When it comes to spending on ads though, major brands still dominate.

Hawaiian-born Kona Brewing Co. launched its first ever TV ad campaign called “Dear Mainland” seeking to build awareness for the brand, which is well known in Hawaii but less so in the other 39 states it is sold in. The ad encourages mainlanders to stop multitasking and worrying about their jobs to instead hang back and “single task,” drinking beer. Because that’s the best way to be productive.

New Belgium Brewing is in it’s second year of TV advertising as well but both campaigns are only regional and don’t come close to the advertising power of larger companies like Boston Beer Co. who has a 1.4% of the entire beer market which goes to show that there’s a crap ton of beers out there! If you’ve been drinking only one beer your entire life, you might want to start exploring a little more.

Boston Beer Co. spent $38 million in the media but that still didn’t stop craft brewers from selling 15.6 million barrels of beer. Perhaps it’s the quality of the craft beers that speak for themselves, allowing them to not have to worry about advertising as much.


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