A Vuvuzela That Changes BeIN Sports Channels

BeIN Sports, a multi-sports channel, has developed vuvuzela that changes channels.

The vuvuzela is called the Game Changer. When blown, it switches the channel on your TV to its station.

But any sports fan will able to recognize the familiar droning pitch of the vuvuzela. First widely deployed at the 2010 World Cup, the elongated horns at a soccer match combine to create a sonic experience described by some as akin to a swarm of bees. More importantly for beIN though, ever since the World Cup vuvuzelas have become a symbol for soccer worldwide.

Using microchip technology, the TBWA\Chiat\Day New York designed vuvuzela essentially recognizes when it’s being blown then sends out an infrared signal to any nearby cable box, just like your regular remote, and up comes beIN.

The possibly annoying instrument aims to send a strong message to an American sports broadcast world that has largely ignored soccer. As beIN Creative Director Matt Ian put it: “We look at Game Changer as the way to guide our communications in fulfilling our mission, which is to give soccer the respect it deserves.�? Only about twenty souped-up vuvzelas have been made thus far but depending on the level of interest, further production could be on the horizon.

Whether or not these channel changing vuvuzelas become wildly popular, a message has already been sent; beIN soccer is coming to America and it isn’t coming quietly.