SodaStream Stirs Up A User-Generated Ad Campaign

SodaStream has stirred things up with a user-generated ad campaign! It’s no secret that the line between consumers and marketers has become increasingly blurred in our social media dominant age. One interesting example of this tricky dynamic is the recent marketing push from SodaStream, a company that sells do-it-yourself soda making machines for home use. In a quest for greater market penetration, the company has started a campaign to feature user-generated advertisements – and the results have been pretty m/sodastream-pours-on-the-user-generated-content/article/324550/”>surprising.

SodaStream started by asking fans to upload their own photographs of the product onto the company’s Facebook page. SodaStream then selected a number of these photos to appear in their ad banners, alongside traditional paid content. So far, the metrics show that the public is far more responsive to the user-generated content than the traditional creative work. User-generated ads scored a 76% higher click-through rate, as well as a 136% increase in the engagement rate (which includes post likes, page likes, and overall photo views). The photos themselves scored a whopping 313% increase in viewing rate over the conventional content on social media.

As paradoxical as it may seem, there are plenty of strong arguments for getting consumers to, effectively, advertise to themselves. A representative for SodaStream touted the results as proof that people increasingly want to feel some sort of ownership over the products they buy – no doubt, it’s implied, because many people increasingly define themselves by what they purchase. In the case of SodaStream customers, creating ads for the company simply reinforces the scrappy DiY spirit of making your own soda at home, and it’s yet more evidence that self-expression sells.