Energizer Bunny Is Beating It’s Own Drum

The pink and fuzzy Energizer bunny is beating it’s own drum and marching away from about half of its holdings.

I guess keeping in line with its industrious nature, the Energizer brand had a slew of other sibling brands like Playtex and Schick. So instead of all products being made under the auspices of Energizer, the personal care segment of the operation will now be left all on its lonesome.

This move seems to have come out of nowhere, with Energizer CEO waving away the plausibility of them leaving the personal care brands to their own devices back in March. And from a financial standpoint, all of Energizer’s endeavors have been making staggering profits. Was this cleaving the result of some behind the scenes drama? Boardroom intrigue? Does anyone really care?

It looks like a lot of conglomerates are trying to cure their attention deficit disorder business strategies by focusing in on fewer products. P&G, whose heels Energizer has been trying to nip at for some time now, just sold off their pet food division for a cool 2.9 billion. And underneath the surface, the recent Energizer divorce is apparently beneficial on all sides, as the companies might be valued higher on their own and Energizer won’t have to worry about strange brand associations like battery acid getting into shaving cream. Did I mention that this decision will also result in some “cost cutting�? measures? In which case, some Energizer employees and production plants will also undergo some surprise separations. And to think that the bunny always looked so warm and friendly.

Some facts:  The bunny is a parody of the preexistent Duracell Bunny, still seen in Europe andAustralia. It has been appearing in television commercials in North America since 1989. The mascot is promoted as being able to continue operating indefinitely, or at least much longer than similar toys using rival brands’ batteries.   There will be no Howard Davidson marching bunny anywhere, anytime.