Taco shop turns tables on robbers with a tasty ad

A taco shop has turned tables on some robbers with a tasty new ad.

A Las Vegas taco shop, Frijoles & Frescas Grilled Tacos, was robbed, but they turned the ordeal into an ad and created a hilarious YouTube video.

You know when you are totally bummed and some way to chipper person says “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade?” Well Frijoles & Frescas did much more – they turned a burglary attempt into comedy gold. And a great ad for their brand.

Not only did they make fun of the robbers, by picking on one guy who’s weaker than a soft shell taco since he couldn’t manage to break a window with a rock, but they also flipped the script on the negative situation by pretending that the burglars were just looking for food.

Can you really blame the bad ass guys? With all the Chipotle news they’ve probably fallen on tough times, and hungry people do desperate things.

The video uses security footage and comedic subtitles as it follows the robbers breaking in, searching around, and finally leaving as the video points out when their “mom” comes to pick them up. The subtitles include lines like: “Homeboy checks the storage room. No tacos.” And “Maybe they keep tacos in the register.”

At the end, everything wraps up as nicely as a big, juicy burrito with a great pitch for the brand: “We take full responsibility for what our tacos cause people to do.” But that’s not the only twist. There’s one frame that shows photos of the suspects with the words, “Please help us find these guys.” Just when you think they’re starting to get serious, the words “so we can get them the tacos they rightfully deserve” appear on screen.

I think Frijoles & Frescas won a lot of new customers with their creativity. It’s nice to see them have such a lighthearted attitude when a lot of other business owners would freak out. By staying positive and having fun, they’re able to gain great brand exposure and get almost 4 million views on YouTube.
Hopefully, now people come when the restaurant is actually open. Sometimes, revenge can taste pretty sweet.


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