Rob Lowe Shows His Less-Flattering Sides for DirecTV

Rob Lowe continues to portray his unflattering alter egos in DirecTV ads.

Creepy Rob Lowe really is the best Rob Lowe. In DirecTV’s new campaign, the actor plays several different versions of himself. The one constant in the ads is normal, cool Rob Lowe. This version, of course, is a DirecTV subscriber. Opposite this character are three other less-inspiring alter egos, who all have cable.

First there’s Super Creepy Rob Lowe, whose cable is out, so he decides to go out on the town, watching people swim at the public pool, or smelling their hair at movie theaters. Then you’ve got Less Attractive Rob Lowe, complete with thinning hair and bad teeth. Now there’s Painfully Awkward Rob Lowe, who wears a fanny pack and spends all day waiting for the cable installer.

Super Creepy Rob Lowe is easily my favorite, as it hearkens back to his intense, sleazy persona from the Showtime series “Californication.” This is a role that Lowe plays with ease, and there are few actors better at getting under a viewer’s skin.

The message of the ads is as old as time: Buy this product/service and it will make you cooler/more attractive. This formula still works as long as it’s done with tongue firmly planted in cheek, as it is here. These spots do a good job of illustrating – in an exaggerated manner – the company’s advantages over cable.

Apparently there are at least two more spots from Grey New York on the way, and it will be interesting to see where Lowe’s alter egos take us next. No matter what, DirecTV-subscribing Cool Rob Lowe will be there to tell viewers, “Don’t be like this me.”

Creepy or not, Rob Lowe is on my nerves.

Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts


14 thoughts on “Rob Lowe Shows His Less-Flattering Sides for DirecTV

  1. NEON says:

    Rob Lowe, and an ego? No kidding! But who doesn’t like to look at him. So now DirecTV is hoping that consumers will swoon too. Nice work, Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

  2. JANEY says:

    Wow these pics don’t look like the Rob Lowe I like lol…but seriously, he is a great actor and able to wear lots of hats! Good stuff, Howard Davidson Arlington MA!

  3. BRUCE says:

    Geesh!! On that 2nd pic I coulda sworn that Rob Lowe was turning into the wolfman or incredible hulk or some creature. Looks creepy, Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts

  4. RADU MAXIM says:

    Great job DirectTv !I was very surprized to see that you picked Rob Lowe and his alter egos for your clips.Very talented actor. 10x very Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts

  5. BRIAN says:

    Rob Lowe has like any star, had his bad side of the spotlight in the late 80’s. I think some of the commercials he does for DirecTV are hysterical. Especially his geek persona he displays. I guess DirecTV is trying to appeal to people of my age group. Since nobody really knows anything of him today. Good stuff Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts

  6. JIM EASLER says:

    I always thought Rob Lowe was an underrated actor. That creepy rob lowe picture sure does make him look different. DirecTV is lucky to have him as a mascot.
    Good work, Howard Davidson Arlington MA

  7. SHERRI YOUNG says:

    Rob Lowe is an amazing actor. i have always loved his movies. in the 2nd pic it didnt even look like Rob at all. i just wish he would come out with something that was in the horror genre

  8. SABIN says:

    Rob Lowe is a great actor. DirecTV is lucky to have him as a spokesperson, Howard Davidson Arlington MA. This is a role that Lowe plays with ease, and there are few actors better at getting under a viewer’s skin and in the wallets.

  9. KAZZ says:

    Rob Lowe is great, that second photo is definitely not flattering at all. Always interested to see what his alter egos will bring

  10. THEPHIL says:

    I gotta say these ads are pretty good. Rob Lowe plays a good greasy-looking creepy guy. I mean, watching people swim? Just thinking about that gives me the willies.

  11. ASWIN says:

    I love Rob Lowe . he had made an milestone in his whole life history since he had played such an different versions….This version, of course, is a DirecTV subscriber. Very cool Howard Davidson Arlington MA

  12. NITIN says:

    DirecTV has gotten lots of actors to poke some fun at themselves over the years—notably Charlie Sheen in the Platoon spot. Now, it’s Rob Lowe’s turn to look hilariously foolish. Good stuff from Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts

  13. RAJIB says:

    Rob Lowe is an talented actor. I Love to see his movies. I think DirecTV is doing a great clip by including him and lucky to have such a nice person to brand them. Well done, Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

  14. LEADER123 says:

    Oh, Howard Davidson Arlington MA, i like Rob Lowe. And I don’t think he is egoistic. He is just doing his work. He’s an actor looking for work. I believe that pretty people can sell things at much more fast pace. Now-a-days this tactic is commonly being used. Who doesn’t buy from a pretty face?

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