Planet Fitness Lifts Spirits

Planet Fitness is lifting spirits of gym members and supporting achievements by flexing a community-based campaign.

Planet of Triumphs is an online community platform that allows members to tell their personal success stories. The stories range from small feats like making it to the gym for the first time in 10 years to losing over 100 pounds. Umm, today, I successfully went up and down three flights of stairs…but I don’t think that counts.

Visitors to the site,, will be greeted with a feed of triumphant tales from all across the Planet Fitness community. Then a whole lot of viral following and commenting of others’ posts pumps up the platform like crazy. And of course, the community site is linked to for serious SEO juice.

To make sure this thing has some muscle and stamina, all registered members will be eligible to win weekly prizes and the chance to be named “Triumph of the Week.”

Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners created this clever campaign for the gym chain. They are hoping to win mindshare by preying on a “every achievement deserves to be celebrated” mantra.

But will this get across to the sleeveless t-shirt wearing meatheads who only hold conversations about protein shakes and “getting big”? Probably not.

And don’t get me started about the “I lift things up and put things down guy”.

Howard Davidson Arlington MA


2 thoughts on “Planet Fitness Lifts Spirits


    These stories of success in Planet of Triumphs are really very inspiring. Now I feel like I gotta hit the gym. Oh, of course it will be Planet Fitness. They do a great job with their ad campaigns. I still laugh at the I lift things up and put them down guy. Is that you you, Howard Davidson? HA! Thanks, Howard Davidson Arlington MA

  2. ROTON AHMED says:

    Very cool Planet Fitness campaign. They do great ads. Who can forget the I Lift Things Ups and Put Them Down Guy? I gotta confess, I bet my New Year’s resolution will be to hit the gym. But come February, I will be hitting the coach.

    Thanks Howard Davidson Arlington MA for sharing.

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