PepsiCo Puts a Mustache on Quaker Oats

PepsiCo has put a mustache on the famous Quaker Oats man thanks to a deal between the PepsiCo-owned brand and milk processors.

The milk-mustached Quaker dude is featured at the end of a new ad in a campaign that includes Quaker’s tagline, “Quaker Up.”

Remember the long-running “Milk Mustache” Got Milk? campaign? Well, that changed to Milk Life in early 2014 to put an emphasis on milk’s nutritional benefits, including its protein content.

The wonders of milk are plugged at the end of a Quaker ad by Energy BBDO, which created the brand’s ads. Mister milk mustachioed Quaker Man will also be in People Magazine with text that says: “My outfit is from 1877. My mustache is from this morning.”

This marks the first time that the Milk Processor Education Program has partnered with a brand that will feature the milk mustache on packaging sold in grocery stores. Sounds there is a war for shelf space and mindshare what with all the other dairy products like tasty yogurt, colorful cheeses and snack bars.

The ad might help shake some sales. I’m a fan of daily oatmeal. sans milk. Hey, it’s cheaper than metamucil and does the same trick.. Although it doesn’t put hair on my upper lip.

Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts


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