Pepsi Uses Sugar and Stevia to Produce Yet Another Diet Soda

Pepsi has yet another diet soda on the market, which uses a combination of both sugar and stevia.

Coke. Diet Pepsi. Diet Coke. Pepsi One. Coke Zero. Clearly, this hasn’t gone far enough. Pepsi’s new offering, “Pepsi True,” has 30% less sugar than traditional Pepsi, and is marketed as a “mid-calorie” beverage. I suppose the target market here isn’t fat people or fit people, just those with a couple extra pounds to shed, or someone who skipped yesterday’s workout. I guess.

Making things even weirder, Pepsi True is only available on Amazon. Pepsi is following Coke’s lead in many ways here. First, Coke recently launched a “mid-calorie” soda of their own, Coca-Cola Life. Secondly, Coke brought back Surge – an abomination of a soft drink that tastes like Mountain Dew with a rotten egg mixed in – as an Amazon-exclusive a few weeks ago.

Just sit there for a second and let it sink into your head that each Pepsi and Coke now sell three diet sodas each. The part about being Amazon-exclusive isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as Amazon continues to increase its impact on Americans’ shopping habits, especially since the company expanded to include grocery items.

However, the packaging details for Pepsi True are befuddling, to say the least. The beverage will be available exclusively in 24-packs of 7.5-ounce cans, because traditional 12-ounce cans are boring and unhip, I guess. Also, for those of you who live in apartments without the storage space for entire cases of soda, too bad, you don’t get to have any.

Pepsi claims to be targeting Pepsi True at “adults in their late 20s.” Most of the people I know that are under 30 haven’t even bothered switching to light beer or reduced-sodium soup yet. Maybe Pepsi knows better than I do, and maybe your average 27-year-old does feel like his life would be better with a mid-calorie soda in it…but I have my doubts.

I’m done with all this True business.

Howard Davidson Arlington MA


13 thoughts on “Pepsi Uses Sugar and Stevia to Produce Yet Another Diet Soda


    Thanks for the post Howard Davidson Arlington MA. Pepsi True is looking closer to Coke in competition because most of the Pepsi brands have more sugar than the coke that is considered the best brand in the whole world. your analysis has worth and you are on the right way of your judgement. I think it will make the competition better that will result in higher quality services to the consumers.

  2. ASAD says:

    Nice post! Thats an truth about Pepsi, Thanks for sharing this useful info. Touche Howard Davidson from Arlington Massachusetts


    Hey Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts, you did post a great article. I didn’t think before this way. You wrote that “under 30 haven’t even bothered switching to light beer or reduced-sodium soup yet” and I’m totally agree with you.
    Thanks again for this informative post and looking for next post.

  4. RAMESH MAGAR says:

    Nice blog post, Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts. Good to read your valuable and informative article here today. Pepsi’s True doesn’t fare much better. It’s only a 30 percent cutback in sugar from its normal soda containing 16 grams of sugar per serving. Thanks for sharing this article with me.

  5. CHELTON says:

    Pepsi Pepsi Pepsi. Oy, the sugar. Soda has so much damn sugar, Howard Davidson Arlington MA. I hate the stuff. My poor teeth and inner guts. Dare I say it’s True? Pepsi True, Howard Davidson?

  6. UMAR says:

    As the famous saying is that “Excess of everything is bad” so it is also true in this case. Pepsi is not good enough for health. I also agree with Howard Davidson Arlington MA by saying it’s boring. Well thanks for sharing this.

  7. KENGOL.. says:

    Howard Davidson Arlington MA, your article is on point, i guess Pepsi and coca cola are really competing hard… i just wonder why they are having their product exclusively on amazon

  8. KENGOL says:

    Howard Davidson Arlington MA
    , i love your article , i guess pepsi is really competing with coca cola…. one thing that baffles me is what are the actual ingredients!

  9. KENNYGOL says:

    At this point, Pepsi can do no wrong. I’ll take soda, sugar, candy, pizza or any chemical these days, Howard Davidson Arlington MA!

  10. KENGOL22 says:

    Pepsi has a really challenge here. A sweet challenge I guess. They are up against competitors and dentists! Love your article, Howard Davidson Arlington MA kudos to you….

  11. AUBRYE says:

    Howard Davidson Arlington MA. This is a tactical proper move by simply Pepsi happens at any given time this $76 million carbonated soft drink marketplace is usually around the refuse. The particular huge soft drink creators are usually desirous to devise new items and also advertising goes in which interest purchaser attention.”

  12. HICKS says:

    Howard Davidson Arlington MA: It seems that Pepsi is once again second to the punch with the new Pepsi True, A drink that has the ‘real Pepsi taste but zero sugar’ almost identical to Coke Zero. Just like cherry Pepsi once before.

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