Penélope Cruz Does Striptease for Lingerie

Sultry Penélope Cruz does a striptease in L’Agent by Agent Provocateur’s sexy new campaign for lingerie… in the desert. Oy, the heat.

Cruz, who has co-designed the lingerie line with her sister Mónica (alongside Agent Provocateur creative director, Sarah Shotton), wrote and directed the label’s steamy autumn/winter 2014 campaign video. The hot campaign covers the vivacious sex appeal and youthful sass of the brand, and puts the actress herself front and center in the ad.

The provocative video is basically Cruz and a bunch of models going out into the desert for what’s more or less a striptease dance party. It’s provocative, kind of fun, and seems at first glance to have little point beyond being an excuse for a bunch of models to dance around in their underwear. So is that a bad thing?

With a lot of advertising, there’s an underlying point to the ad that people will hopefully associate with a product or service. Sometimes it’s pretty blatantly obvious, while other times it’s subtle or even subdued. Marketers want people to talk about their ads, regardless of whether the ads are funny, serious, or even kind of sad. An ad doesn’t have to have a deep meaning to be good, though.

There’s not much of a message there, but what you will see is people having fun. The whole ad is designed around sex appeal, which isn’t exactly uncommon for a lingerie spot, but the women involved seem to be having a good time.

A spot like this doesn’t have to be deep to make a point. In fact, sometimes it does even better if it’s not.

But does the ad make you shvitz?

Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts


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