McDonalds is Lovin’ It in China

I’m lovin’ it got a whole lotta love as an international branding campaign by McDonald’s Corporation. It was created by Heye & Partner, McDonald’s agency based in Unterhaching, Germany, a member of the DDB Worldwide. Well now, McDonalds is lovin’ in the China with concept eateries.

McDonalds has dished out some love in China with new décor in Guangzhou, China. Their ‘concept eatery’ looks much more upscale than anything on this side of the pacific, replete with hanging lights modeled after bamboo baskets. Coinciding with a fierce competition with Colonel Sanders for fast food supremacy in China as well as a 3% drop in sales last year, Ronald is trying on some new makeup; the tables are now circular so that watching others enjoy greasy goodness is much easier.

The geniuses at McDonald’s are obviously making this move to conform more to Chinese culture that dictates eating as a time of togetherness, not as a time to guilty wolf down 99 cent fries in your car in an effort to avoid the in-laws. This whole redesign also applies to a new spot that shows a young couple wistfully eating McDonald’s on a balcony and voyeuristically eyeing a guy with a sleek new sports car who is free of anything McDonald’s related. In line for a promotion, the youngster sees dollar signs and fast cars in his future, just like the man below. The underlying message of course being that someday you might earn enough to never have to eat another McDonald’s fry.

Sounds like a recipe for a new fast food nation.


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