Lycra Making Moves to Bring Back Spandex

Lycra attempts to bring spandex into the 21st century with new Lycra Moves campaign.

Lycra is showing staunch opposition to fading quietly away into the night like slap bracelets, pogs, and other fads of yesteryear. Instead, everyone’s favorite stretchy fabric that doesn’t breathe at all is back and, assuredly, better than ever.

I will admit that the campaign’s TV spot is quite effective. The Lycra Moves ad shows people dancing their way through everyday activities, as their clothing stretches out and trails behind them. This is both a clever play on Lycra’s flexibility as a fabric, and an impressive aesthetic accomplishment.

On the other hand, I have never understood what the difference is between Lycra and other spandex (Is there a difference?), and this campaign doesn’t change that. Furthermore, I can’t help but think about how the unfortunate souls in the video are likely imprisoned in a skin-tight layer of their own sweat. Do I really need to see women dancing in fabric that doesn’t breathe? I don’t think so.

SapientNITO cranked out this campaign which also includes an interactive website. Scroll just a couple screens to the right on that site, and you’ll see an image of a man – dressed head-to-toe in obnoxiously neon spandex – that looks like it was pulled straight out of a trade publication from 1991.

The company is also targeting new brands specifically at their desired markets, including Lycra Energize, which claims to support wellbeing and wellness. This sounds like the magnetic bracelet of fabrics. I bet it comes with a bonus set of healing crystals.

With the meteoric rise in popularity of yoga pants (which do actually breathe, so I’m told), I guess it makes sense for Lycra to get back into the marketplace. I’m just not sure there’s any demand for the product these days.  Not to mention, just the idea of Lyrca gives me hives.

Howard Davidson Arlington MA


2 thoughts on “Lycra Making Moves to Bring Back Spandex


    Thanks for sassy summary. Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts You writing is as smooth as Lycra. Who even wears such gross fabric? I thought polyester was disgusting. Now we gotta deal with lyrcra? I’ll stick with 100 percent cotton, please. The idea of unnatural fabric makes me itch. Is it just me?

  2. MARTY SCOTT says:

    Appreciate this Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts. You always seem to put lots of details and good metaphors in your writing.

    I don’t feel well about this whole Lycra thing at all. For my entire life I was sure that clothes are supposed to be comfy, not itchy or slippery. Who needs have something suffocate my skin? Lyrca is gross, I am sorry to say. However, the Lyrca campaign is rather brilliant. But not as smart as your writing, Howard Davidson!

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