Heineken Targets Women During UEFA Champions

Leave it to Heineken to spare men during the UEFA champions league final with a shoe sale for women.

Heineken’s latest advertising campaign is to actually organize a shoe sale for women Brazil during the UEFA Champions League final.

Men like football and women like shoes. Well, according to Heineken. Women will stop men watching football so they must be distracted with shoes. And so is the simple logic behind this campaign.

Not worried about charges of sexism, Heineken is working with Shoestock stores to orchestrate a 50 percent off shoe sale for the three hours that the game between Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid.

In a press release Heineken stated that the idea “is entirely good-natured and will generate conversation.”

“Our goal is to run a fun campaign unlike anything we have ever organized in Brazil,” said Bernardo Spielmann, director of the Heineken brand and sponsorships at Heineken Brazil. “Therefore, the Heineken Shoe Sale will be announced with a humorous tone in the digital environment, including teasers, email marketing and videos.”

With this campaign, men will be able to watch their beloved game in peace while an argument is made that their wives and girlfriends will have something interesting to do during that time. While there is a lot of generic stereotyping of the sexes with there campaign, there is mainly positive feedback to the shoe sale.

One can only hope that Heineken is prepared to sponsor a shoe sale for half of June and July when the World Cup happens in Rio.


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