Grandpa Frank Returns to Oscar Mayer Spots

Oscar Mayer is throwing down the gauntlet in the deli meat debate with the return of crabby “Grandpa Frank” in an effort to convince us that their packaged meats are fresher than anything behind a deli counter.

The new spots hearken back to a commercial that aired last year which showed Frank giving unfiltered advice and stray observations to all those unlucky enough to cross his path. Bluntly remarking that a family friend has “had some work done”, the 2013 Frank seemed a lot more vicious than his current form.

Nowadays the cantankerous old timer is standing in line at his nondescript supermarket’s deli hurling various zingers at the uninspired meats behind the glass: “The only thing that’s been here longer than us is that turkey”.

This ad campaign is clearly more about the non-politically correct grandpa than the thing he’s buying. No packaged meat could be as memorable as Frank’s personality. And while level of his vitriol has subsided a bit from year ago, it looks like Oscar Mayer is going to be slowly releasing a series of spots with Frank in his usual form. A newly released commercial sees him berating a deli employee for just being “a guy who happens to be standing behind a deli”.

Snarky older people have been popping up in ads a lot recently, with Betty White famously sassing some football players in a beloved Snickers commercial. But will Grandpa Frank’s resurrection be enough to help Oscar Mayer rise above playing second fiddle to traditional deli meats? With 70% of surveyed customers apparently not finding flavors they want in the deli case, I’m sure Frank would have a quick answer.

Howard Davidson Arlington MA


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