Geico’s Caleb Camel Reappears in New Ad

It appears that Geico may have found their newest superstar mascot. The famously ad-happy insurance company just unveiled a new commercial spot last week that features the return of Caleb, an obnoxious talking camel who went viral after his debut in the insurance company’s “Hump Day” spot earlier this year. That video racked up over 15 million views in a matter of days.

Now, Geico is bringing back Caleb the Camel in a variety of awkward situations. Their new spot, “Movie Day,” features Caleb harassing moviegoers (in typically absurd Geico fashion) to turn off their cell phones before the film starts.

Lest you think that the Gecko has been put into retirement, however, he makes an appearance in their other new ad, which is a send-up of the “Let’s all go to the lobby” concessions ads from the ‘50s.

Caleb the Camel is just the latest addition to what is now a sprawling list of recurring absurdist memes: they have the Portraits Gallery, the Piggy, the Cavemen (remember their ill-fated sitcom?), as well as the new “Did You Know?” series of spots. Geico’s silly, borderline Dadaist ads have been highly popular and cunningly effective ever since their notorious Gecko first appeared on TV in 1999. This latest effort proves that the folks at The Martin Agency are a long way from maxing out their roster of surreal mascots.


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