Eleven Has Flown the Coop with Virgin Airlines

Eleven in San Francisco has flown the coop with Virgin Airlines.

Together, they have taken flight with a super strange, Warholian Web film depicting the experience on a typical rival carrier during a log flight from Newark to San Francisco.

Have you been flying BLAH Airlines? That’s the conceit of one of the more absurd advertisements in recent memory—Virgin America’s six-hour-long, mind-numbingly boring look at what airline travel shouldn’t be.

The Web-flm is downright creepy and extremely boring. In fact if you can’t stand average airline travel, you probably won’t be able to sit through the first five minutes of this nonsense. ,

The commercial is somewhere between pop art and insomnia aid: it’s Enter the Void on an airplane, a soporific but well-crafted condemnation of banal conversation and quotidian annoyances.

I’m having none of this film. First of all, the mannequins just creep me out. Secondly Eleven is just trying way too hard to get a cult classic. Come on, Rocky Horror has entertainment value. No one is going to watch 5 hours of this “airline horror film”.

I will say that if they had condensed this into a few minutes it could have been funny and somewhat worth watching. But they didn’t ask me for help.

Howard Davidson Arlington MA


3 thoughts on “Eleven Has Flown the Coop with Virgin Airlines

  1. MOHTASHAM says:

    Holy cow. Talk about creepy. No, you Howard Davidson Arlington MA are not creepy. I realize your frustration, although I will love to watch it. Horror movie, whether it’s of any type is good for me. I am a horror movie freak will give a chance to this one too 🙂

  2. KENGOL says:

    somehow i love horror movies alot but when it comes to boring commercial it will intentionally sleep off through out the flight…….good article Howard Davidson Arlington MA!

  3. KENGOL says:

    i kinda like horror movies but when it comes to sleeping at night, that’s another horror, howard davidson arlington ma. nice article

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