Dannon Teams with NFL to Make Yogurt a Game Day Tradition

Dannon has teamed up with the NFL in an attempt to make yogurt an unlikely game day tradition.

By becoming the official yogurt sponsor of the NFL, Dannon looks to capitalize on Americans’ love of violent sports and fermented milk products. Go figure.

In danger of starting their 95th consecutive season without an official yogurt, the National Football League reached a deal with new sponsor Dannon. Finally, the NFL can shake the damaging stigma of being a yogurt-free league. Meanwhile, Dannon gets to try talking football fans into trading in the buffalo wings for yogurt cups.

Following their 2014 Super Bowl ad campaign that featured a “Full House” reunion, Dannon is taking things a step further. Dare I say that they are a adding a bit more culture? No longer is the brand content to sit on the sidelines as just another TV advertiser. Now, they’re buying themselves a spot in the starting lineup of official sponsors.

The obvious question I’m posing here is whether Dannon and the NFL are an appropriate fit from a cross-promotional standpoint. When was the last time you saw a football player eating yogurt? Wouldn’t a sports drink or pasta brand make more sense?

Maybe I’m just out of the loop here. I’ve never played a game of football in my life. It’s possible that football players are all huge yogurt-heads and no one ever told me. I do have my doubts, however. When I’m hungry, it takes a bit more than one tiny portion-controlled yogurt cup to fill me up. I have a sneaking suspicion football players feel similarly.

The only way I see this sponsorship paying off for Dannon is if they’re able to really capitalize on the connection between healthy eating and general fitness. It feels more like a risky Hail Mary than a safe screen pass to me. Regardless, pass my my Activia please. I need all the probiotics I can get these days.

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