Crest Rolls Out Chocolate Toothpaste

To the delight of children everywhere, Crest has decided to roll out chocolate toothpaste. The new Mint Chocolate Trek flavor is part of Crest’s tasty Crest Be line of new tantalizing flavors. Come on. Why wouldn’t you want to brush your teeth with dessert?

Procter & Gamble has had a bumpy ride over the past few years. Persistently sluggish growth in the world’s developed economies has squeezed middle-class budgets, and P&G’s bottom line has suffered accordingly. Now, the hygiene giant plans to strike back by unleashing a new product line of “adventurous” products, including one that is sure to delight hygiene-averse children all around the world: mint chocolate-flavored toothpaste.

The new toothpaste, which is adventurously titled “Be Adventurous, Mint Chocolate Trek,” is aimed at reinvigorating the middle-class consumer base that used to comprise the reliable core of Procter & Gamble’s sales. But lest you think that P&G is betting the farm on one cocoa-infused novelty toothpaste, Mint Chocolate Trek is just one in a long list of innovative new products.

These include new tooth-whitening strips, diapers, shampoos, and other radically-named toothpastes (Vanilla Mint Spark, Be Inspired, Be Dynamic, etc.) that seem designed to force competitors to step up their game. Being minty fresh, it seems, is no longer a remarkable distinction for a toothpaste.

So far, P&G’s ambitious strategies have helped it weather the storms of low demand: overall sales increased by 3 percent in the last quarter. As for Mint Chocolate Trek, it is slated to start hitting stores sometime next month.


2 thoughts on “Crest Rolls Out Chocolate Toothpaste


    I really wonder if this will turn out to be a bad idea, especially depending on how much it tastes like actual chocolate. I really have a feeling a lot of kids will just eat it.

    I just hope it isn’t as tasty as they say.

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