Clorox Gets Dirty With Yale to Fight “Pooperator”

College seems to be an expensive place to do stupid things. (Someone in my dorm always used to get stoned and play a didgeridoo in the stairwell at midnight.) Ivy league Yale has been soiled recently by a prankster who has been urinating and defecating on unattended laundry. Meanwhile, in the midst of this foul crisis, Clorox smells a marketing opportunity with “Pooperator” at Yale.

Once the news hit the fan about the malcontent “Pooperator” who has been fouling the prestigious linens and unmentionables of Yale underclassmen, Clorox began tweeting to offer its product to help clean up the mess. The bleach product company even Photoshopped its product in a glass case atop a washing machine with a sign reading “Break Glass in Case of POOMERGANCY”. Yale being Yale, some were mildly amused.

Normally, getting close to human excrement is not a good idea for a product placement, but it’s a marketing win for Clorox, since you don’t really call in the big guns of bleach until things really hit the fan.

Meanwhile the “brown bandit”, or someone with a similar sense of humor, has struck again, this time stringing brown stained clothes on a line. On further…brave…inspection, the fouling agent for this prank proved to be chocolate. No word yet on whether Clorox will help with this problem, too.

Marketing might be the best way for whoever is pulling these shenanigans to get out of this without jail time. After all, if you could package these pranks into a killer sociology paper reframing the connection between marketing and feces in a post-industrial society and how that reframing casts light on an elite culture of entitlement, it seems like you could score an A and a future academic book deal.

Of course, it all might be bullshit.


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