Burger King Subjects Facebook Fans To Ultimate Loyalty Test

Burger King is royally subjecting Facebook fans to the ultimate loyalty test. The tasty fast food giant’s Norway branch recently adopted a radical – and some would say confrontational – strategy in regards to its social media following. In an effort to weed out the negative nancies who have “liked” Burger King’s Facebook page just to post nasty comments, the food chain offered a free Big Mac to each of its fans. The catch? In exchange for the Big Mac, you also have to accept a lifetime ban from Burger King’s Facebook page. This comes on the heels of Burger King rolling out its elusive Big King burger, which bears a striking resemblance to McDonald’s flagship patty.

It’s not often that we see a company actively trying to jettison thousands of Facebook fans, but Burger King thought it was worth the risk of embarrassment. So far, the results have been inconclusive: on one hand, 30,000 of the 38,000 original Burger King fans decided to go for the free Big Mac and banish themselves from BK. That nearly 80% rate of abandonment surely seems like a foolish misstep to some market analysts.

Burger King views it differently, however. While they may have been left with only 8,000 followers, they remain confident that honing their fanbase down to a smaller committed core will promote more positive engagement and interactions on their Facebook page. If nothing else, they’ll certainly get a modest PR boost from purging all the Whopper haters who used to bedevil their page.


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