Burberry’s Kiss and Sell

Unfortunately, Soulja Boy’s follow-up single “Kiss Me Thru The Phone” is actually possible (the unfortunate part being the mention of Soulja Boy), thanks to a collaboration between Google and Burberry. “Burberry Kisses” is an app/advertising campaign that allows users to take a picture of, or, on your phone and pad, actually kiss the screen to capture an image of your kiss to send via e-mail.

The campaign is part of Google’s Art, Copy & Code project, which seeks to “re-imagine” advertising through brand partnership by focusing on new and creative ways to advertise digitally. It’s certainly a touching idea. And it’s really hoping to catch-on with millennial consumers. Millennials are entering their peak spending years and now outnumber baby boomers, yet much is still unknown about them as consumers, except one thing. A report by The Boston Consulting Group confirms that millenials are tech-savvy, “digital natives”.

So, Google has started several experimental campaigns via Art, Copy & Code that focus on technological interactivity. One allows your sneakers to post updates on your phone. Another is a partnership with Volkswagen that connects your phone with your car to automatically post updates and interact with online friends while you’re driving. Both campaigns focus on connecting people to objects to social media.

This latest Burberry collaboration can be taken as a beginning step to indulge millennial consumers (usually “misunderstood” by companies and advertisers) and make sense of how to get the most out of a changing digital advertising landscape. As much as millenials are already attached to their phones, Burberry Kisses hopes to play-to that connection by adding the natural interface of lips-to-screen. Cute technology, but not game-changing.

The real trick to the campaign, though, is in triggering subliminal feelings of love for Burberry every time users “kiss” their app page. Next up: Burberry Snuggle? I’m done with cute for awhile.


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