Axe Puts Phermones In Business Cards

Dudes at Axe can now have their pheromones infused into their business cards. Gross. Axe‘s totally misogynistic and epically douchey ads along with their overpowering fragrances make me gag.

I’m so disgusted. The “male grooming product” brand has reached a new low by putting the sweat of its employees on small strips of paper and saying the sweaty pieces of paper will help those employees get laid. Gag (again).

The “Pheromone Business Card” campaign shows Axe “associates” –aka, bros- working out and sweating into headbands where lab technicians extract a concentrated solution and then drop it into business cards. The business cards openly declare that they’re “infused with the essence of Kyle” suggesting something more than just sweat, which is the point.

Union in Toronto helped Axe promote this sexy sweat nonsense and push the stinky crap off the shelves into the mating game. Allegedly, the card’s scent is supposed to help employees attract females like their products claim to do, extending their brand. Yeah right.

This campaign, of course, is only for the male employees. As the provided video suggests, any woman who comes into contact with one of these employees will take them in back to show them a good time, because duh, that’s the way Axe works.

My pheromones and I will stick with fragrance and aluminum free Tom’s of Maine.

Howard Davidson, Arlington MA


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