Gatorade Celebrates 50 Years of Highlights

Gatorade is celebrating its 50th anniversary classic sports highlights.

There is perhaps no brand more synonymous with sports than Gatorade. For the last half-century, Gatorade has been a staple of baseball dugouts and football sidelines around the world. It’s rather fitting that the brand chose to celebrate its 50th anniversary with a highlight reel of timeless moments in sports history.

The 60-second video ad counts up from one to 50, tying each number to a moment from the last five decades in sports history. From Derek Jeter’s No. 2 jersey to the San Francisco 49ers dumping Gatorade on Super Bowl-winning coach Bill Walsh, each moment resonates well with its chosen number.

The spot accomplishes something that Gatorade has always excelled at – emphasizing the beverage’s close relationship to athletic competition. Gatorade was invented in 1965, with the specific purpose of better hydrating athletes. The brand is smart to keep that narrative front and center.

I always appreciate when a campaign has a logical through-line from product to pitch. Superstar athletes promote all sorts of products, but it’s more impactful when the product is something they legitimately use on a daily basis.

My one gripe with this spot is that – from start to finish – Florida Gators football players count along with the series of highlights. By the time they got to 15, I was more than ready for that audio to fade out. By the time they reached 50, I was practically screaming, “Enough already!”

That one complaint aside, Gatorade’s 50th anniversary ad is unquestionably a success. I still won’t likely be drinking one anytime soon (I don’t need as much sugar as football players do…), but how many people really read the labels anyway? Not to mention that Gatorade has never passed my lips.

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23 thoughts on “Gatorade Celebrates 50 Years of Highlights

  1. STEVE says:

    Yes, this Ad is logical. Like you Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts, I am also not a big fan of this drink but that takes nothing away from its success. They had completed 50 years and I won’t be surprised if they cross another 50. Well done!

  2. MARSHAL says:

    Hello Howard Davidson Arlington MA,

    This is a very good article about a drink that has grown in front of my eyes. I can still recall, how much i use to like it when I was a kid and that feeling is still the same. Good to see them growing..

  3. MATTHEW says:

    A Big cheers to a drink that has been with us since our childhood days 🙂 Well presented Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts

  4. FRANK says:

    A well deserved feat for a well celebrated brand. I hope to continue like this for another 50 years…Thanks for sharing Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts

  5. ALEC says:

    This is very good from a brand that has always lived up to its promise. I am glad for the all success it is getting and wish them luck for even more. Well Played Gatorade. Good article Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

  6. ANDY says:

    An excellent achievement by an outstanding brand. They have really done a great job of it. I started drinking it some 20 years ago and have been loyal to it till now. Well Done. Thanks for sharing Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

  7. JONATHAN says:

    Ahhh…what an achievement by such a respectable brand. I really hope they will grow and improve further more. Thanks Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts for this information.

  8. GIAN says:

    Fifty years of sheer splendor. This is a remarkable achievement for a drink, which was once available in only handful of stores. Their growth embarks their popularity. Good going…Well written Howard Davidson Arlington MA

  9. KURT says:

    Beautiful achievement for a beautiful brand. The best thing is that they have dominated the market for entire 50 years, remarkable…Good article
    Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts

  10. WILLIAM says:

    Well achieved feat of a brand that has always looked to improve and innovate. Still remember when it first came to market. Boy that has been a long time. Thanks for the share Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts.

  11. RICKY says:

    Hi Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts

    This is an Awesome achievement by Gatorade, considering they still dominate their domain, it is a remarkable performance. I like this drink myself so this is an extra reason of joy for me.

  12. SUNNY says:

    Good Achievement this by Gatorade. I never loved it much but never doubted their marketing skills or their brand quality. Finally they are there right at the top. Thanks for sharing Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts

  13. TOM says:

    Marvelous achievement from a brand of highest caliber. Well done Gatorade for your efforts. Their journey wasn’t smooth but they have guts it out…Thanks
    Howard Davidson Arlington MA for sharing it.

  14. ANDRE says:

    Hi Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts, I see a lot of Gatorade fans here your post here and why wouldn’t they be. It has been a fantastic drink for so many years now, True to its brand, it has always delivered quality of the highest standard.

  15. EVAN says:

    A splendid achievement from an outstanding brand. Really have earned this. Good show from them. Well covered article Howard Davidson Arlington MA

  16. RAVIN says:

    Outstanding achievement from an outstanding brand. Really it takes a lot of perseverance to remain at the top and Gatorade has done for last 50 years. Good job..Thanks for sharing Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

  17. MIKE says:

    50 Years have gone by but its presence is still very strong. I have always believed that Gatorade is a great product and I am glad to see it doing so well. Kudos to their success. Good article to share Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

  18. ALEX says:

    Good work reaps good reward, I remember they were instant hit when they started first and with time they have only got better. They are marketing aggressively these days so I expect some more rewards coming their way in future. Good article Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

  19. WARREN says:

    Yeah, a good achievement by Gatorade, though I am not a huge fan of this drink but I never doubted their commitment towards their customers. They are now slowly building their base all around the world which is another good feat. I wish them success for their future endeavor. Thanks for sharing Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

  20. MICKY says:

    Such a heartening thing to see your favorite brand rise in such a significant way. I have been drinking this drink since last 27 years and have never complained about it once. This is a brilliant drink and deserves all its success. Thanks for writing about it Howard Davidson Arlington MA

  21. RUSTY says:

    What a good achievement. When you achieve a milestone like this you know you are doing something better and different than others. I hope this good work and their success continues. Thanks for sharing Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts.

  22. VINCI says:

    Nice to see this brand doing so well. I in my family have always enjoyed the flavors they have brought to the market. So, I am glad to see them doing so well. Good article this Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

  23. SAM says:

    I am sure this brand would have enjoyed some memorable moments in their journey of last 50 years. It is good to see them growing at the rate they are. Looking at the competition around and the reputation of this brand, I can safely predict their market domination for another 50 years. Good luck to them and thanks for sharing this Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

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