Struck by a Rainbow: A Man Made of Skittles

Skittles examines the life of a man whose skin turned to candy when he was struck by a rainbow.

Skittles has an oddly proud history of creating TV spots in which the candy is involved in anatomical wackiness. For example, who could forget the guy who feeds himself Skittles with his beard? How about the human pinata confronting his co-workers in the break room, begging them to stop hitting him with bats and just buy their own Skittles?

Now, the brand has taken this gimmick to its limit, creating a new mockumentary video spot about a man made of Skittles. The 3 minute, 30 second spot tells the story of a man who was struck by a rainbow, and now finds himself trapped in a body comprised entirely of Skittles.

The man discusses the struggles of living with his affliction, such as leaving behind a trail of candy wherever he goes, or the weird looks from strangers on the street. Finally, he learns that life goes on: “I am a man made out of Skittles, and there is nothing wrong with that.”

Skittles and BBDO Toronto went all-out with the spot, enlisting Cannes Film Festival award-winning director Conor Byrne to direct it. Byrne finds the perfect tone for the video, nailing the popular Hollywood mockumentary style.

This entire campaign has been a home run for Skittles. The spots are pretty darn ridiculous, but this is a candy company we’re talking about here. Their entire business is based on appealing to children – and also the childlike aspect of adults that makes us occasionally ignore the nutrition facts and buy a bag of Skittles.

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12 thoughts on “Struck by a Rainbow: A Man Made of Skittles

  1. JOHN says:

    I know different people will have different opinions on this but to be honest I didn’t like this Ad at all. I know the purpose behind is different but for me it is boring…Nothing to take away from you Howard Davidson Arlington MA, I think you have written this well but it is an overall campaign and execution of it which I dislike…

  2. SHANE says:

    Interesting concept. I found it very good. I saw this commercial yesterday and really enjoyed it. Good job…thanks Howard Davidson Arlington MA for covering it so well in your post here.

  3. MAC says:

    Well, you have to give it to the creative team here. They have come up with something different. In my opinion this commercial will connect well with kids. Thanks Howard Davidson Arlington MA for writing this.

  4. SHEMUS says:

    Good work! This is a good campaign and as Mac said will connect well with kids. Thank you for writing Howard Davidson Arlington MA

  5. JACKIE says:

    They have really done a good job with this. When I first saw it for first few minutes I was confused but later on I developed a kind of liking for it. Well done Skittles. thanks for sharing Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts

  6. TRAVIS says:

    They have pulled an unconventional idea with some grace and attitude. Full marks to the creative team behind this concept. This should go well with kids. Thanks for sharing Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts..

  7. KUMAR says:

    I personally don’t like this commercial very much but my 7 year old adores it. I guess they know their target audience better than me. Good article to share Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

  8. RAFTAR says:

    Boy, they really come up with some strange concepts these days…Yes, it will connect well with kids but not my type of ad. But you have written it well Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts

  9. HANISH says:

    Well, it took me sometime to get hang of this idea but when I did it sounded really cool to me. They have conveyed their message well here…Thanks for sharing Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

  10. JOHN says:

    Good commercial this, I watched it with my kids and they were totally entertained by it. Good work…Well written Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

  11. HENRY says:

    Awesome Job here by Skittles. Some of my friends found this commercial little weird but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Enjoyable article to read Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts.

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