KFC Serves Brotherly Love with Fans

KFC is now serving some brotherly love with their new fans campaign, complete with a side order of brownies.

As if the Colonel himself isn’t wholesome enough for the brand, KFC is hoping to warm (or clog) the hearts of it’s target demographic with a heart-wrenching new ad.

Fans is salty story of two young, Scottish footballers, (and not the kind that make headlines for repeatedly “trying to get things right”), rooting for opposing teams. It’s kicked off by a sing-songy, maternal voice calling “Callum” to get ready for the game, juxtaposed with Callum’s brother doing a similar routine but with his father. Subsequent shots outline the two boys heading separately to the stadium, followed fan reactions of the game’s highlights. When all is settled, Callum is left with his head in his hands, his mother consoling him, as his brother and father approach KFC. It isn’t until nearly a minute into the commercial that the camera finds the famous red letters, the Colonel’s smiling face and trademark spectacles. And now thanks to the help of ad agency BBH London, the campaign goes for the sales close….

Meet the closer: KFC’s new brownie bucket. Aah, young kids player soccer, some tears and then the Colonel comes to the rescue with a bucket of goodness. Daddy’s home. And the crowd goes wild.

Apparently while aggrandizing his secret fried chicken recipe, Colonel Sanders was also an avid baker. Why each item has to come in a bucket remains mysterious – but hey, at least one guy found a great use for it after finishing his multi-thousand calorie meal.

Unfortunately, I don’t eat things that come in buckets.

Howard Davidson Arlington MA


3 thoughts on “KFC Serves Brotherly Love with Fans

  1. NAVNEET says:

    Hi Howard Davidson Arlington MA,

    I saw this ad only a few days ago and my first reaction to it was….OK, What’s next?? But I really loved the way you have rolled this out in your blog. It is hilarious and fun to read and yes like you, I also don’t eat things that come in buckets 🙂

  2. KEVIN says:

    Well done Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts,

    I am not a big fan of KFC either. I haven’t seen that ad yet, but the way you have narrated it is simply hilarious. Entire post was enjoyable but I think you nailed it with your closing remarks ‘Unfortunately, I don’t eat things that come in buckets’. Good one mate!

  3. KEN says:

    Hahaha…This is hilarious. Wicked funny, Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts. You sure have a way with words and are darn sarcastic too. My style for sure. As far as this commercial goes, I think it was baseless and bland but who am I?

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