Gatorade Employees Sweat Out It Out

On a quest for wellness, Gatorade is making employees sweat it out. Literally.

The Chicago-based sport drink brand is promoting workplace fitness by incentivizing employees to set personal fitness goals. Apparently company executives realized their sugary drinks needed extra exercise to burn off.

The PepsiCo-owned brand is providing a 6-month program for its 150 employees by providing subsidized program costs and access to trainers called G-Feat. The G-Feat plan includes a daily 60-second workout…at the office…with your officemates, making that mid-afternoon cup of coffee expendable.

So every afternoon all of the Gatorade coworkers have the opportunity to get up out of their chair for a minute of squats, planks, or jumping jacks. As if that wasn’t an opportunity for enough embarrassment, the G-Feat program encourages participants to make their goals public by posting them at the office so colleagues can keep each other motivated.

The G-Feat plan allows employees to be put in the consumer shoes. Gatorade executives are hoping training employees might notice a need to drink Gatorade at specific times or have a certain flavor. Either way, I doubt they want them even thinking about drinking a bottle of water. I bet if someone utters the words “Poland Springs”, they are ordered to do a pushups.

I’ll be staying far away from Gatorade HQ. I don’t shvitz with colleagues.

Howard Davidson Arlington MA


5 thoughts on “Gatorade Employees Sweat Out It Out

  1. JOSH says:

    Hey, Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts, this is a sweet and very interesting article indeed. I must say that I love sugar and drink coke. But, I don’t burn calories at all. Don’t call me lazy!

    Coke has so much money to burn when it comes to advertising.

  2. JAY says:

    Hey Howard Davidson Arlington,

    Nice article and good piece of information to share. I like Gatorade but I don’t drink it that often, so it terms of health, I suppose I am alright. On other hand, I think, Its a nice idea, first create a problem then sell the solution…

  3. MATTHEW says:

    Nice post Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts. I think this could work as a perfect recruitment slogan: ” Want to Lost weight…Join GATORADE”… Thanks for sharing the information Howard.

  4. KEVIN says:

    Hahaha…This is good. Thanks for sharing this Howard Davidson Arlington MA..Who will understand the effects of Gatorade on health than Gatorade themselves. All I can say here is: Keep going, you need it 🙂

  5. TUFFY says:

    Not sure what to think of it but certainly a good exercise for the staff there. Thanks for sharing Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts. This indeed was entertaining.

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