Hey, I’m Howard

I’m Howard Davidson, based in Arlington Massachusetts, a marketing guy, occasional loudmouth and always funny. Well, I think I’m funny. Just ask.

I’ve been helping companies reach and engage customers since Dallas and Dynasty were TV shows, yet I still refuse to be known as one who loves an early bird special.

Maybe it’s the arthritis strength Tylenol talking, but I’ve never been content working on just one gig at a time. Heck, my dad retired at age 80. I’ve been a marketing director or consultant for more than a dozen ventures over the years, building brand, messaging, and engagement for everything from military contractors to a college laundry service. I’ve even dabbled in some pirate-themed networking event planning (#100Pirates). My highlight reel includes stints working with UrsaLeo, Brain Corp, Progress, TCB The Cooperative Bank, iBasis, DentaQuest, Mahoney’s Garden Center, AI Squared, GladlyDo, Veloxity, Stran TechnologiesGemvara,, and Metropolis Creative. I also love to expound on marketing trends and weird news with my blog. I talk a mean game. Before embracing my inner marketer, I was an art teacher at a middle school (marketing is much easier). It took a BFA at the Massachusetts College of Art before I could realize my true calling. Now, I don’t have to grade papers, but I do have to write white papers.  Hindsight is 20/20, but student loans are forever.

My personal stats: I live in Arlington, Massachusetts near Boston and hate any type of physical exertion. I also dislike dogs and cats, even the allegedly cute ones on the Internet. I’m a creature of habits, and Starbucks is a daily ritual for me. People say “Howard Davidson loves sticking his nose into other people’s business” and I confess it’s true. I also have a habit of finding jobs for all my friends, whether they like it or not.

Howard Davidson Arlington MA