Skyy Vodka Offers Celestial Advice

Skyy Vodka is looking to the heavens to offer celestial advice to consumers.

Their new tagline, “West of expected,” looks to the sky with some tasty new spots.

Skyy Vodka

In a parody of the “Cosmos” television show, a bespectacled ‘scientist’ gives lectures on everything from tipping etiquette to the importance of having a wingman. Using celestial metaphors, the host explains how, “With a little fresh thinking, the universe can be surprisingly smooth.”

The nerdy emcee’s tone is drier than a vodka martini, adding an additional spritz of humor. The campaign sets Skyy apart from its competitors, whose relentlessly ‘hip’ ads have developed an assembly-line feel. Skyy’s new spots appeal to the intellectual without even a splash of pandering.

Skyy encourages viewers to put down their cell phones and actually interact with the living, breathing human beings around them. (If you’re reading this on your phone in a bar right now, shame on you!) The host exclaims, “First person to check their texts has to buy the next round” – a rule I’m immediately implementing with my friends.

The commercial spots are supplemented with a print campaign that really pops with clever catchphrases:

  • “No Artificial Traditions Added.”
  • “Your Bartender has a Name. It’s not ‘Hey.’”
  • “Vodka Born in the Motherland. California.” My personal favorite, as it skewers the Eastern European companies’ emphasis on their foreignness. ‘Merica!

The Venables Bell & Partners agency produced the ads, which are being rolled out on nearly every major cable TV channel. Skyy is looking to make a statement, and they want that message heard loud and clear.

Who knows.  Maybe Skyy can take sales beyond earthly limits.

Howard Davidson Arlington MA