Fake Banned Grey Poupon Ad Goes Viral

A fake banned Grey Poupon ad has gone viral.


The bogus ad hit the Interwebs with some gross but kinda funny messaging.  The ads asked What do you pompon?  And well, the answers were:

  • A guy who does it traditionally — on his burger
  • A lady who does it on picnic food — on potato salad
  • A mom who brown bags it (so to speak) and does it on her kids’ lunches

You get the idea.  So do the 3.5 million YouTube views who have seen the spots done by sketch a comedy group called Online Broadcast Virtual Station (OBVS)

Kraft Foods might as well Poupon themselves for not thinking of such a clever advertisement. For a company with such an iconic advertising history you would expect them to pull off something as clever as this stunt.  Following in the footsteps of other fake “banned” commercials, a trend that has targeted Carl’s Jr. and Skittles as well, the fake “Banned Grey Poupon Ad” has gone viral, as the video continues to spread.”

The videos clearly don’t stink.  People were convinced it was Kraft Foods’ next big experiment for the Grey Poupon brand. The brand of course couldn’t take the credit and had to report that it was fake.

As a rep says, “We’re not surprised that people may have some fun with an iconic and loved brand like Grey Poupon. ‘But of course,’ we didn’t produce or approve this video.”
But they sure as hell wish they did.