P&G Pushing Adult Diapers

P&G is getting down and dirty and pushing for adult diapers.

Broaching a subject that nobody, including me, is a big fan of talking about, “adult diapers” are going to be getting hundreds of millions more dollars worth of attention. Though adult diapers haven’t always been very secure for P&G in the past. Some ten years ago their marketing budget outweighed actual sales and everyone involved was left with just an awkward silence. More than anything else though, it worries me that the methods of containing incontinence hasn’t changed in ten years. I can’t remember the last time I was in diapers and I’d like to keep it that way.

P&G Diapers

The reason why the timing might be right now to dump millions more into adult diapers is because thousands of baby boomers are turning 65 every day and P&G can see the writing on the wall. Fewer babies are also being born, so their shift in age group might just pay off. Ah, the circle of life. Are you tired of reading about this yet?

What these extra dollars probably mean is that Americans all across this great land will be forced to endure more uncomfortable, squirm inducing T.V. commercials with their family along with Viagra, Cialis etc. only this time about diapers for grandpa. Seldom do these commercials take the humorous route to quell the awkwardness, instead opting for either manhood affirming boldness, or sappy romance. And if anyone can blunt the humiliation of being sold adult diapers, they’ll be sure to make a crap load of money.