Mr. Kipling: Building Billboards is a Piece of Cake

British cake company Mr. Kipling has built a billboard using tasty pieces of cake.

British cake company Mr. Kipling has built a billboard using tasty pieces of cake.

Let them eat cake…billboards? That’s the new pitch from Mr. Kipling. Recently, Mr. Kipling constructed the first-ever edible billboard, created using the brand’s sweet treats. Using over 13,000 cakes, food artist Michelle Wibowo designed and assembled the billboard near a London mall.

Passersby were encouraged to eat a piece of the billboard, which I presume is a somewhat depressing part of Ms. Wibowo’s job as a food artist. It must be a bit strange for everything you create to be quite literally consumed by the public that views it. But I digress.

Obviously, a billboard that gets eaten doesn’t get many impressions. Thankfully, Mr. Kipling used the construction – and tasty deconstruction – of the billboard as the basis of a very effective TV spot. The 90-second ad balances a behind-the-scenes look at the billboard’s construction with appetizing shots of the cakes themselves, complimented by tasty testimonials.

I would certainly hesitate before eating a piece of cake off a wall – a piece of cake that’s been stuck to that wall for an unknown span of time, at that. (Something tells me Mr. Kipling packs enough preservatives into the cakes to make the billboard cakes ‘safe’ to eat, but that’s a problem in and of itself…)

“Life is better with cake,” says the billboard. Mr. Kipling claims that 72 percent of Brits agree with that statement, and who am I to doubt a cake company’s cake research? Regardless of any statistical accuracy questions, this campaign gets a thumbs-up from me. I’m still sticking to my local bakery if I find myself requiring cake, but Mr. Kipling’s marketing vision has my attention.

Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts