Lindsay Lohan Sues Grand Theft Auto V

Lindsay Lohan is on a tear.  She’s decided to sue the makers of Grand Theft Auto V.

Lindsay Lohan

Lohan is suing the software company Take Two for supposedly stealing her looks in the ultra-violent Grand Theft Auto Five video game. Apparently the most offensive thing to Lindsay Lohan about Grand Theft Auto Five, a game where the player is free to run on murderous rampages, was the fact that her likeness might have been ripped off. The character in question is named Lacey Jonas and is apparently: “an anorexic celebrity who enlists players for help dodging paparazzi in a race throughout Hollywood” In my estimation, though, Lohan should feel lucky she wasn’t modeled after main character Trevor who loves to shove dead bodies down toilets. I don’t think the links between Lohan and Grand Theft Auto can be denied under more careful scrutiny because back in 2012 Lohan was sued for allegedly hitting a guy with her car in a parking garage. This could just be art imitating life.

If you thought the irony couldn’t get any deeper, Lohan cites that the game also has the Chateau Marmont Hotel, one which she supposedly frequents in real life. Only one problem: she was banned from the Hotel for not paying almost 50K worth of bills.

Also, I’m sure the fact that GTA V raked in over 800 million dollars on its release day has nothing to do with Lohan’s sudden “irreparable hardship”. And if she somehow wins this lawsuit, maybe the funds could go to paying down that room service…

Howard Davidson Arlington MA