Kleenex, Mizrahi, Encourage You to Sniffle in Style

Kleenex brand has revealed a stylish new ad campaign just in time for cold, flu, allergy, and all-around sniffle-season by inking a deal with fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi.


Mizrahi, well-known for top-shelf fashion design as well as his unapologetic antics to the ’06 Golden Globe Red Carpet, was again in a media firestorm recently for working on the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur. The oft-controversial Mizrahi was very publicly working and tweeting on the Jewish Day of Atonement instead of fasting, attending synagogue, and prayer.

Not taking the day off may not be unheard of, but doing it so publicly as a graduate from Brooklyn’s Meshiva of Flatbush, a private orthodox Jewish school, landed Mizrahi in hot water.

Despite the recent Semitic faux-pas, Kleenex has signed him on for a new marketing campaign and tissue box collection.

Kleenex is ramping up the marketing in celebration of the iconic brand’s 90th anniversary. The new Style Studio on Kleenex’s website allows customers to filter through Kleenex’s, and Mizrahi’s, new designs by designs, uses, and colors. The microsite provides the eye candy for casual surfers and provides an artsy-gallery feel to the usually bland and uninspiring realm of tissues.

Mizrahi has even integrated his own spring and home collection designs into the new Kleenex box designs. A Kleenex tissue won’t make you look pretty but it can give a pretty look to your designer lifestyle, a point emphasized by their Style Studio slogan “Find it, Flaunt it, Live it.”

Kleenex will reveal the new tissue box collection at a March 17th event before they become available at retail a month later on April 17th; just in time for flu season.


Kleenex Launches Flu Prediction Tool

Kimberly-Clark Corporation’s Kleenex brand has been helping consumers cope with the flu for nearly a century. Now, they’ve unveiled a powerful new weapon in the war against the common cold.  Aachoo by Kleenex* Cold and Flu Predictor—is being marketed as the first and only tool that can predict when cold and flu will reach your area.


Achoo’s algorithm crunches CDC data in order to predict not just where flu outbreaks currently are, but where they’re about to strike as well. All customers need to do is enter their ZIP code onto MyAchoo.com to see what the risk levels are in their area. Kleenex hopes that news of an outbreak will spread like, well, an outbreak among consumers (and in doing so, send the company’s brand recognition and site traffic sky high). Any viral success, however, will depend completely on the effectiveness of the algorithm – Google Flu Trends, for instance, was put to shame for its shoddy calculations last year – but Kleenex boasts that its new system is testing at roughly 90% accuracy.

The most interesting and clever aspect of the campaign, however, is the manner in which the company will deploy its traveling “Kleenex Checkpoint” promotions. Basically, whenever Achoo’s algorithm identifies a city or region as experiencing a flu outbreak, Kleenex will migrate its promotional and publicity efforts to that very spot, right as its happening. This nimble, data-driven marketing approach should enable the company to stir up some frenzied brand awareness by urging people to stock up on Kleenex before it’s too late.