Gap Goes ‘Back to Blue’ on TV

After a four-year absence, Gap is finally making a return to television – and it’s enlisted some superstar offspring for its new spots. Gap’s new “Back to Blue” campaign features appearances by Dhani Harrison (son of George) and Alexa Ray Joel (daughter of Billy), both performing hits made famous by their fathers.

Though they’re returning to a more classic medium, Gap is totally hitting up social media for #BacktoBlue. The most recent ads were only released after Gap called for and received 1,000 “call-to-action” retweets on Twitter. As more ads are released, they’ll be accompanied by interviews, short films, and quotes about the artists that will be released on various digital platforms.

When it comes to social media dominance, Gap isn’t taking any chances. Last month, they took over all of Tumblr’s mobile ads for a day to promote their new campaign. By using the children of two iconic musicians from the ‘60s and ‘70s, Gap is hoping to appeal not just to trendy teenagers, but also to the nostalgia-prone baby boomers that often control the dough.

Gap used to be all about its denim, but with department stores and discount-chic retailers like Forever 21 and H&M selling affordable jeans, they’ve had to plot a broader strategy in order to remain relevant. So far, things are going good: Gap is currently the highest performing apparel retailer in the S&P 500, and has seen six straight quarters of rising sales.