A Chicken Named Gloria Now Controls Burger King’s Chicken Fries

Burger King is sending a live chicken named Gloria on a nationwide tour to promote Chicken Fries. Burger King is sending a live chicken named Gloria on a nationwide tour to promote Chicken Fries.

This is totally creepy. In a new one-minute video, Burger King introduces their new mascot, a live chicken named Gloria. “Who better than a chicken to decide whether or not Chicken Fries return to the Burger King menu,” a man asks early in the video.

I don’t know about you, but I could come up with a few better ideas than having a creature with no self-awareness deciding whether or not humans are allowed to devour their species. At any rate, Burger King is taking Gloria the chicken on a tour around the nation, stopping at select locations. Once there, Gloria will peck into one of two bowls labeled “yes” and “no.”

The company is inviting “Gloria enthusiasts” – a label which I would assume approximately zero people identify as – to come see Gloria in action, or to watch a live stream as she makes her choice. Who would ever do that?

Why on earth would you travel to a Burger King restaurant to watch a chicken peck a bowl? Why the heck would you watch a live stream online, either? Who is the target market here?  Certainly not me.

Here’s another gripe: Why, as the ad claims, did Burger King executives have such a tough time deciding which locations will serve Chicken Fries? The company itself claims that Chicken Fries are wildly popular, so wouldn’t the obvious choice be to sell them at all locations? The logic gap there annoys me.

I’m having none of Gloria the chicken.  I haven’t been to Burger King in a decade.  I don’t plan on being seen at one — ever.

Howard Davidson Arlington MA


Netflix Changes Lives While Streaming

Netflix is now changing lives while streaming. The company is changing the ways the streaming service can – and can’t – improve people’s lives.

Netflix Changes Lives While Streaming

The latest spot for Netflix Europe starts out like one of those anti-cable TV spots – you know, the ones popular with satellite providers. A deadly serious voiceover details the many different ways that Netflix’s streaming service changes your life (along with a few ways that it can’t).

The 60-second spot, produced by Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam, focuses mostly on Netflix’s original programming. For example, one man develops a love for scuba-diving after watching the documentary “Mission Blue.” An angsty teenager trades in her frown for a smile while watching “Arrested Development.”

An awkward partygoer makes a new friend, thanks to their shared love of “Orange is the New Black.” Two couples having an awkward dinner break the ice by discussing “House of Cards.” Not quite everything is possible in Netflix-land, however – the ad makes sure to let everyone know that the service cannot turn you into the leader of an alien race.

Let’s toss aside for a moment the notion that Netflix is probably responsible for more nights home alone with the cat, than it is a social matchmaker. I love this ad for two reasons. First, it’s a funny, effective spot in a vacuum. However, it’s even better when you realize that it’s also a thinly veiled jab at two of Netflix’s greatest enemies – cable and satellite providers.

Can Netflix really change your life? In a minor way, sure. Just keep in mind that subscribing isn’t likely to lead to a scuba-diving excursion with whales.

Howard Davidson Arlington MA