Wix Spending Millions for Cheap Web Design

Israeli web-design company Wix is spending millions of dollars on a Super Bowl ad, in an effort to heighten visibility for its dime-store service.


The irony here just slaps you in the face. Wix, the hilariously inept web-design company, will spend about $4.5 million on a Super Bowl spot to advertise their cheapskate, no-frills service. This news feels roughly equivalent to a Syfy Original movie receiving the advertising push of “Avatar.” Imagine if your local grocery chain suddenly started spending millions to advertise their knockoff store-brand Triscuits. (There’s the analogy I was looking for!)

Wix is essentially SquareSpace for people who can’t afford SquareSpace. It’s Geocities for the 21st century. It’s Blogspot for people too dumb to realize other sites offer the same tools for free. It’s “Web Design for Dummies” for people who don’t read books. Yet, here they are, buying a freaking Super Bowl ad, like it’s time to sit at the big kids’ table or something.

Well, I’ve got news for you, Wix. You can’t just buy your way into a spot at the big kids’ table and expect people to suddenly take you seriously. Furthermore, Wix says this is the start of a “far more aggressive campaign.” How do you get more aggressive than advertising during the Super Bowl?

Are they going to start paying people to tattoo “WIX” on their foreheads? Buy up the naming rights for people’s children? (I have to admit that Wix Davidson does have a certain ring to it, if the price is right.)

Do not get me started about a powered by Wix logo.

Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts


16 thoughts on “Wix Spending Millions for Cheap Web Design

  1. Harvey says:

    hahahaha..this is hilarious…Well done Howard Davidson Arlington MA..you have really rolled it out here. I am sure Wix designs are not for you. I don’t know much about this company and probably don’t want to but your writing style caught my attention and I am glad it did 🙂

  2. Marlon says:

    Wix?? Judging by their website, I guess it won’t harm if they spent a few on fixing their own web design. However, I will not go into that debate and leave it here…Good information though Howard Davidson Arlington MA…

  3. Sunny says:

    I have their website open in a different browser and must say that you are right in your analysis Howard Davidson Arlington MA. In terms of design, I believe these guys going through serious creativity crises.

  4. Ariel says:

    Seriously they need to re-think their strategy…Millions spent on advertisement is not going to reap them any rewards until they don’t back their own design…You have raised some valid points in you post Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

  5. Marlon says:

    Let us assume for a second that Wix is able to generate good publicity and is able to bring a lot people to their website, what’s next??? I guess, it would have made more sense if they would have concentrated more on their design than advertisement.

  6. Morne says:

    My Opinion on this is same as yours Howard Davidson Arlington MA… Like most other people who had commented here, I also believe they need to work on their design first before diving into the complicated world of advertisement.

  7. Phil says:

    Oh man, I can’t take a website seriously when I see “This Website is made by Wix”. So cheesy and tacky. Come on guys. Get a real site.

    Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts, your points are well said about Wix. Go man go.. I think that Wix has lost it…Marketing gimmicks can only reap profits if the product is good…Good post!

  8. Joseph says:

    Oh Wix. People do spend millions for cheap web designs. And Wix will gladly take their money. Well tits their money and their choice and people buy all kinds of things all over the place. Guess they don’t mind cheap design and that nasty logo. Thanks for sharing this post Mr Marketer, Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

  9. Matthew says:

    Oh Wix…you could have donated some decent chunks of money in charity…but that’s how it is…People will still buy into your business….There are takers in market and advertising does play it role…So, it might turn out to be a good investment in the end…Thanks, Howard Davidson Arlington MA..

  10. Aarif says:

    In business to succeed you need to take timely risks and this is what I feel Wix has done. I am not sure how far this move will benefit them but they at least have found their way. Good post Howard Davidson Arlington MA. I am sure that somewhere they are doing something correct because Wix really is having people spending millions for cheap web design!

  11. Jack says:

    Oh, you have written this so well, Howard Davidson Arlington MA. Like others, I also don’t see much sense in investing so much into advertising when your basics are incorrect. But, its their company and their money, so we will just have to wait and watch.

  12. Mason says:

    I am not sure Wix is fairing overall but on your post they are doing fairly well, I mean 12 comments and counting, not bad. Trust me Howard Davidson Arlington MA, you have written this very well. You have raised some very valid points out here but I not sure if Wix are going to learn anything from them. They will still spend some millions more to whoo people to buy into their marketing gimmicks only to realize in the end that they were all wrong…but till the time it goes, best of luck to them.

  13. Pat says:

    If only money was the solution to everything, Wix would have made fortunes by now…Unfortunately, the sales reports that are coming are not that encouraging, still a good attempt to grab eyeballs. Thanks for sharing this information Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts…

  14. Andre says:

    Not with Wix on this and I guess I am not the only one judging by some of the comments that I read on this post. Let’s see how it all turns out in the end. Good article Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts.

  15. Tommy says:

    So this is what marketing has come down to? Spending millions to sell something cheap…If it works it is good for wix but i have my doubts…Its a good topic to write about Howard Davidson Arlington MA, you should share these things with your readers…

  16. Devon says:

    Hi Howard Davidson Arlington MA, I was reading somewhere that Wix is performing well to what it did in last quarter, so I guess all is not lost here. I agree to most of what others have commented on this post but as far as Wix is concerned the don’t care as long as they are able to churn out profit from it.

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