Instagram Ads Make it More Like Facebook

As you probably have heard, Facebook is now moving advertising to Instagram.

Facebook ads

The main source of revenue for Facebook has always been its ads, which eerily know what hobbies and interests you have thanks to all of the personal data you have given them throughout the years.

After the recent blackout that probably cost Facebook $20,000 a minute, it’s probably a smart idea that they are looking at another source of revenue. After being acquired by Facebook two years ago, those same ads will now be popping up on Instagram.

With over 200 million users “it’s very easy for Facebook to sneeze and create a $100-million-per-quarter-revenue business with the scale of Instagram and their salesforce,” said Corey Weiner, HyprMX CEO. If only everyone’s allergies could make them that much money.

While Facebook is wiping money from its nose, over 11 million young people have left Facebook since 2011 and it’s probably a good idea for Zuckerberg to ask why. Facing a similar fate to MySpace, Facebook is looking at a slump in users due to multiple reasons including a broad overreach in collecting data from users and focusing more on advertising instead of their users.

With Instagram serving as the “next big thing” in social media, how long will its popularity last when advertisements start flooding the homepage instead of some dudette’s photos from spring break?

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6 thoughts on “Instagram Ads Make it More Like Facebook

  1. Adam says:

    Awesome post Howard Davidson Arlington MA, even I had left Facebook around 6 months ago for good. It is becoming more and more an advertising channel, which is spying on their user’s information to promote the businesses that are paying them good. This is not a good thing, the sooner Mark Zuckerberg realizes it the better it is for him. Aah, Instagram Ads Make it More Like Facebook! So much for Instagram.

  2. Boris says:

    Re: Instagram Ads Make it More Like Facebook

    I hope this serves as an eye opener for Facebook who in recent days have been focused only on getting more business than their customers. You have pointed this article very well Howard Davidson Arlington MA, good job!

  3. When I read the title: instagram-ads-make-like-facebook. I was sure that I will find something interesting to read and I am not disappointed at all, so well done for that Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

    It is good to see Facebook under some pressure. It is turning itself into a business network and that is not going to work at all. I hope they learn this fast and well.

  4. Barry says:

    Aha! who would thought of it few years ago? I have to say Facebook is inviting trouble for itself. It is focusing more on advertising and less on customer service in an age where every other day a new social interactive app or a platform is launched. They need to revisit their strategies or else it will be a steep fall from here. Good job Howard Davidson Arlington MA for writing this.

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