Design an Acura on Twitter

Okay, it’s come to this. You can now design an Acura right on Twitter.

Acura now lets you design your own 2015 TLX right within Twitter. With options ranging from the engine to the exterior color, Acura puts the power of design at your fingertips.


Unfortunately, the engine and the exterior color are two of just three choices you get to make when designing your TLX. (Don’t worry, drivetrain enthusiasts, your voices will also be heard!) “That’s three more choices than Ford lets me make on Twitter,” you may be thinking to yourself. I really hope you’re not, but you might be. Let’s address it just for fun.

Regarding the ‘choices’ you get to make for your personal TLX, the first is between a 206 HP four-cylinder engine and a 290 HP V-6 engine. As if anyone is going to sit there and think, “You know, four cylinders is plenty of power for me. Save those other two for the next guy.”

Then, you get to pick your drivetrain. First up is Precision All-Wheel Steer, which I guess is Acura’s code phrase for what the rest of us call front-wheel drive. For those of you planning to drive this bad boy on ice, you might want the Super Handling All-Wheel Drive. Take that, Subaru! Your vehicles might have 4WD options too, but you can’t touch the majesty of Super Handling All-Wheel Drive!

The best part – and in this example, I mean the most unintentionally funny part – is picking the exterior color. Of course they can’t just say ‘blue’ or ‘grey’, so you’ve got Fathom Blue Pearl and Graphite Luster Metallic. But who would choose one of those when you could get your TLX in luscious Crystal Black Pearl or Black Copper Pearl? Yes, seriously. Two of the four color choices are just plain old black.

At the end of the day, Acura gives you a grand total of 12 possible customized cars, and half of those have a four-cylinder engine. So, in essence, Acura’s new campaign is asking consumers two questions: “Do you want four-wheel drive?” and “Do you like blue?”

As if that wasn’t enough, the Twitter campaign is supplemented by a TV spot which features the most offensively bad Frank Sinatra cover I’ve ever heard. Good job, Acura and ad agency Mullen LA. This will be trending in no time.

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9 thoughts on “Design an Acura on Twitter

  1. Shaun says:

    Now, this is interesting stuff…Chance to get hands on Acura design Wow!! This is fascinating. Thank you Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts for sharing this brilliant information. Let me log straight into my Twitter account and get working on the colors 🙂

  2. Nathan says:

    This is cool stuff. Thank you Howard Davidson Arlington MA for sharing this information. Wow! I can contribute to the design of Acura… this will be brilliant.

  3. Brendon says:

    I am a BIG Acura fan. I have been driving an Acura for 15 years. I’ve also been on Twitter for 7 years. So, you hit on 2 of my sweet spots. But, I swear, I don’t tweet and drive. Oh by the way, Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts, one day I do want to design my own Acura. But will you foot the bill? HA!

  4. Abram says:

    That’s nice on the part of Acura to let their fans participate in their design. This not only builds trust among customers but also enhances product reputation. Thank you Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts for sharing this information, not many people would know of it.

  5. Shaun says:

    Good information here you slick writer Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts..I guess this is a good initiative by Acura…I am sure this will further strengthen their fan base and will fetch them good brand popularity….

  6. Michael says:

    Good information to share Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts, I heard about it from my friend but you have covered it here in much more detail. Good idea by Acura to invite their followers to join them in their quest to get a perfect design, let’s see what rewards it reaps them. Who doesn’t want to design an Acura on Twitter?

  7. Darren says:

    Hey Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts!

    Thank you for sharing this. You have done a good job with this information. I am sure like me, not many would have known of this. I will quickly log into my twitter account to see if it is still applicable. Good information.

  8. Adam says:

    Good information here Howard Davidson Arlington MA. I checked twitter after reading your post, but wasn’t able to find anything, maybe its over or perhaps, I might not have checked it correctly. Anyways, it was a good initiative by Acura and I hope they have got some good ideas from it.

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