MoMa’s Twitter Helps People Talk About Art

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) and digital shop Possible have created a Twitter account called ART140 (@artoneforty) that helps people talk about art.


MoMa’s Twitter page is a cocktail party online with 1.6 million aficionados, geeks, newbs and common folks tweeting[WA1] .  The goal is to create a new channel conducive to free flowing conversation while generating interest in their pieces. The page was which was launched at SXSW this month and created a huge buzz.

The clever Twitter page has people choosing a specific piece of art and then explaining what it means to them, in 140 characters or less via the hashtag #art140. ART140 will be a social experiment aimed at finding out what art means to the masses. The museum is working with Possible to reveal how the meaning of art may differ by age, gender, geography or other life experiences.

MoMa’s digital media marketing manager, Victor Samra, has assured users that their comments will not be censored in any way, so anyone can post.

MoMa is hoping to use the feedback from this experiment to gain some insight on what they should display in their upcoming exhibits. The museum hopes to “break down the wall” that often separates the masses from fine art appreciation.

But oh if those walls in NYC could talk…


4 thoughts on “MoMa’s Twitter Helps People Talk About Art

  1. CamJ65 says:

    That’s a pretty interesting way to get art out there to more people. I especially love the aspect of asking people what they think on a piece of art in only 140 characters.

    I am going to join in on this conversation now. 🙂

  2. Ridley says:

    Hi Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

    Thanks for sharing. I am an art enthusiastic and will welcome any move that helps it connect with the masses. Describing a work of brilliance in 140 words is tough but it will be interesting nonetheless. Good initiative and good post…

  3. Phil says:

    Now that’s an interesting way of promoting an art, nice deal! Thank you Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts, for sharing this news. I wasn’t aware about this. What would the world do without Howard Davidson Arlington MA? Well, many many things. HA!

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