Balance Bar “Anti-Resolutions” Campaign Is Delicious

Balance Bar “Anti-Resolutions” campaign is delicious! Balance Bar, the nutrition bar stalwart, has gone and done something quite unusual for a health-conscious company: they’ve launched an “Anti-Resolutions Pledge” ad campaign.

Balance Bar

The company, which was bought out by NBTY last year, is trying this unorthodox strategy at a time when traditional weight-loss companies are struggling. The rise of online-based health and dieting advice has hit long-standing titans like Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers, as many consumers (unsurprisingly) opt for free weight-loss aids over traditional subscription-based programs.

The central wager of the “Anti-Resolution” campaign is that dieters too often set overly ambitious goals for the new year, only to become overwhelmed and quit as soon as the pressure mounts. Balance Bar is instead advocating for a smaller, humbler, day-by-day approach to dieting which focuses on small lifestyle changes and, among other things, eating Balance Bars. People who sign the Pledge are supposed to make one small change per month, the theory being that this is a more manageable and durable strategy for weight loss. For Balance Bar, it’s a win-win: even if consumers fail to maintain their twelve small lifestyle changes, they’ll at least scarf down a few boxes worth of Balance Bars along the way.



6 thoughts on “Balance Bar “Anti-Resolutions” Campaign Is Delicious

  1. Adam says:

    Good concept, and it actually makes a lot of sense. Its all about inculcating good habits in place of bad ones and you can do that by making small adjustments to your daily routines. I am sure this concept will gain more light than what WW and their other competitors has to offer. Nicely Written Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

  2. Riki says:

    Much better than WW..I am not against WW but I guess the campaign designed by Balance Bar makes a lot of sense. Good work creative time, and thanks Howard Davidson Arlington MA for sharing…

  3. Jim says:

    This indeed is a very good campaign by Balance bar…informative and creative..well done…thanks for writing about it Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts.

  4. Kemp says:

    Hey Howard Davidson Arlington MA,

    I agree to what Riki has to say on this…I think concept and idea behind it already makes it better than WW. I agree to their approach and think if you are serious about losing some unwanted weight this is the way to go about it…Well Done!

  5. Patrick says:

    Indeed it is a delicious campaign designed by Balance Bar. It actually make more sense than what other competitors are doing…Well done Balance bar and well covered Howard Davidson Arlington MA..

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