Huffing at Starbucks in Arlington, MA

Last week police removed a man from the Arlington Center Starbucks  (in Arlington, MA) for alleged huffing.

Seemingly a venti mocha cappuccino wasn’t enough to get the anonymous Arlington man through the day. So instead of adding a couple of shots of espresso to his coffee he decided to sniff from two bottles of keyboard “dust off” (apparently he couldn’t get his hands on any glue).

Huffing is the colloquial term used to describe the sniffing of intoxicative inhalants.  The fumes cause a slew of side effects, including light-headedness, dizziness, incoherence and involuntary loss of muscle control. While some might find these symptoms reminiscent of a bad case of the flu, others actually enjoy the high.


However, if you’re planning on huffing you should probably do it within the privacy of your own home. As the Arlington Starbucks huffer has learned, sniffing from bottles in broad daylight in a crowded public place does, indeed, attract attention. A Starbucks manager noticed the man’s odd, erratic behavior and his bottles of dust off and promptly called the police. While the man was not arrested, the police did give the man a verbal no trespass order and encouraged him to seek out help for his problem.

I guess the huffer left the shop in a huff.

Posted by Howard Davidson in Arlington, MA


7 thoughts on “Huffing at Starbucks in Arlington, MA

  1. aubreye says:

    Coffee isn’t the only thing people are enjoying at Starbucks! To think that when a man wasn’t satisfied with just a venti mocha cappuccino, he ended up sniffing intoxicative inhalants. Arlington MA police came to scene and now Howard Davidson Arlington MA is sharing the whole story.

  2. Vera says:

    Thanks, Howard Davidson Arlington MA. I enjoy reading this blog post. I am a big fan of Starbucks and especially people watching at Starbucks. Although I have I have not been to the Starbucks in Arlington MA. I also have never even heard of huffing.. I could not imagine that someone would go to buy a coffee, and after that start huffing.

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