The Future of Drones: Cake Delivery

Incake, a Shanghai-based cake company, recently launched a new service where it transported baked goods using remote-control drones…

I had high hopes of sweet treats being flown directly to me.  But damn it, local aviation authorities expressed concerns that the service could be dangerous.  It really was a cool idea.  If the service resumes, interested parties will have to fork over the equivalent of $326 dollars.  Now that’s the future of cake delivery.


This is certainly one way to gain attention for you brand when you’re in an already fairly crowded market of Chinese bakeries. According to The Telegraph, the company bought three Chinese drones and six rotor helicopters and outfitted them to deliver cakes to customers. Cakes have been flown five times via remote control to people willing to pay about 2,000 RMB (~325 USD) a pop. Further drone deliveries are put on hold until aviation authorities in Shanghai decide, well, what the heck to make of the situation. It’s possible that before Suzy gets her birthday cake, she’ll have to wait until a flight plan for her vanilla frosted with sprinkles clears with tower control.

Needless to say, it’s doubtful we’ll ever see this kind of marketing gimmick in the U.S., unless the bakery wants to be labeled as a “freedom-infringing deliverer of terrorist cakes”.  But go-figure, it seems as if the R&D team at Incake are all British (who probably just took the lead from this Domino’s UK marketing campaign).

Who knows – this could pave the way for inventions like catapulted cupcakes or ice cream scoop bombs. Those don’t sound half-bad, though they will never, ever beat the beer throwing fridge.


4 thoughts on “The Future of Drones: Cake Delivery

  1. Leader789 says:

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  2. Turlough says:

    Drone to Deliver cakes?? Where is marketing headed?? Thanks for sharing this information Howard Davidson Arlington MA, but I certainly won’t feel comfortable if I am not sure whether the cake I ordered will be delivered or dropped at my home…No Drone for me please, Howard Davidson Arlington MA.

  3. Gian says:

    Hello Howard Davidson Arlington Massachusetts,

    This is an interesting bit news that you have shared with us. Drone to deliver cakes?? I am sure soon you will have tanks delivering pizzas 🙂

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