Alec Baldwin Gets Pissed on Twitter….Again

It’s impossible not to notice that Alec Baldwin went all green and snarly on Twitter late yesterday.  The object of his rage, this time, appears to be a tabloid reporter who dared to accuse his very pregnant wife of tweeting during James Gandolfini’s funeral.  His tirade is epic, seemingly trumping all the previous Baldwin tirades by threatening violence, suggesting forcible sodomy and exhibiting extreme homophobia in a matter of minutes.

To be fair, the reporter seems to never have heard of publicist ghostwriters or automatic Twitter updates, and though the tweets do originate during the funeral, it seems unlikely that Alec’s yoga instructor wife really would be so classless as to tweet about Rachel Ray during the funeral.  Think of what Alec would say if she did.  He’s always been sensitive about phone etiquette and his family.

Buried in the tirade is a very real lesson for publicists, as Baldwin decided it was a good opportunity to fire all of his.  It seems like Baldwin’s publicists should have known to coordinate tweets around the star’s schedule to avoid such insinuations.  Maybe the publicity firm was letting an intern have a turn with the Baldwin account.

Still, it seems unlikely that the Baldwin brand will be forever tarnished.  Alec has a way of turning terrible behavior into good publicity and career longevity.  Winona Ryder gets caught lifting a couple of dresses and she’s stuck doing Adam Sandler movies for the rest of her life.  For Alec, this probably means another SNL hosting gig, if he’s willing to laugh at himself.

I’m done with his nonsense.


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